Understanding the Role of Manual QA Testers: Making Sure Software Works Right

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4 min readOct 2, 2023

When you use a computer program or a mobile application, you expect it to work smoothly without any glitches or errors. Have you ever wondered how companies ensure that their software functions correctly before it reaches your hands? This is where Manual or Human QA Testers come into play.

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What is Manual QA Testing?

Manual QA Testing is like being a detective for software. These testers carefully examine programs to find out if there are any mistakes or problems that could make the software act in unexpected ways. Just like how a chef tastes food before serving it to make sure it’s delicious, manual testers use their skills to “taste” the software and find any “bad flavors.”

Example:Imagine you’re baking cookies. Before serving them to your friends, you taste a small piece of dough to make sure it’s sweet enough. Manual testers do something similar, but with software instead of cookies.

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Exploring Software like a Detective

Imagine you’re playing a treasure hunt game. To find the treasure, you need to follow a series of clues. Manual testers do something similar. They follow a set of steps called test cases that help them explore different parts of the software. These steps are like clues that help them uncover any hidden problems.

Example:If you were on a treasure hunt, you might have a list of steps like “Go left at the big tree” or “Look for a rock with a red mark.” Manual testers follow similar instructions to explore the software.

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Catching Bugs and Glitches

Bugs are like little errors or mistakes in the software’s code. Just like a spelling mistake in a book…



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