Top FREE QA Test Management Tools 2023

The Test Lead
3 min readJan 2, 2023

In the QA world, the test management tool that you chose can be the difference between having a well-documented testing process or chaos and mass confusion leading to items needing to be retested or worst, having no test coverage at all.

Test management tools are used to store information on how testing is to be done, plan testing activities, and report the status of QA activities. This can include scheduling tests and logging results.

This article will go over the 3 free tools that you can use for test management:

  • TestLink
  • qaManager
  • Tarantula


TestLink is a test management tool that was created by Teamtest. Testlink is a web based testing tool and it supports different test case operations, test suites, test plans, and test projects. It also supports test reports and statistics. With TestLink, you can also link requirements with test cases. TestLink supports both automated and manual test execution. TestLink also can be integrated with popular defect-tracking tools such as Jira, Bugzilla, and Jenkins.



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