TOP 4 QA Engineer/ Tester Bootcamps

The Test Lead
5 min readOct 22, 2022

Bootcamps are not a necessity for entering the QA world, even on the automation engineer side. Most, if not all, of the information, is available on the internet for you to access for free or at a very affordable price.

So why use a Bootcamp?

  • Structure-you have a set curriculum and all the information is given to you. You don’t have to search the internet to try to find anything.
  • Resume-usually in order to get any type of interview, you must have a resume. Placing a reputable place on your resume may help boost your resume to stand out.
  • Financial Accountability -for some people it is easier to stick with something if they are financially invested in it. If you paid for a class it is less likely you would skip compared to if it was a free class
  • Networking -a good Bootcamp should have alumni who are currently working. If a job is happy with 1 worker from the Bootcamp, they are more likely to reach out to the Bootcamp for more potential people who can help you get a job

Now let’s start our list. Our list will be based on:


  • Are they teaching me QA best practices
  • Are they teaching me how to use testing tools
  • Are they teaching me about databases(SQL)


  • Will you have to go into serious debt for this?(All options are less than $10k)


  • Look at previous attendee reviews
  • Look at general reviews

This list was very hard to put together. Where some Bootcamps seemed promising, there always seemed to be 1 drawback such as the price or questionable reviews.

This list will not be in any specific order and I AM NOT AFFILIATED OR GET ANY TYPE OF REFERRAL POINTS/KICKBACK FROM ANYTHING ON THIS LIST. You should also do your own research before signing up for anything.

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