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The Test Lead
2 min readJan 12, 2024

Goal setting is very important for people who want to continuously improve in what they do. It helps organize and set clear things to aim for for the year. In this article we will go over my 5 main goals are far as content for the year of 2024.

Automation QA Academy 1/15/24

The Manual QA Academy was created late 2023 and was a guide for people with no experience to learn the skillset of a Manual QA Engineer. The next part of that is the Automation QA Academy which will help people go from manual QA skillset to now learn the automation skillset. This includes learning to code as well as learning to automate from both the front end and back end of an application.

Newsletter 2/1/24

I want to create a free dedicated newsletter with articles that QA software testers might find helpful. I am not sure if this will be weekly or monthly yet, but you can subscribe on my website

Book 5/15/24

I currently have 1 book published regarding QA must know vocabulary that can be found here on Amazon I want to create at least 1 more before the year is out which helps people with the mindset of entering and succeeding in the field.

Mobile Application

This is the hardest 1 on the list. I have developed small android applications year ago when I first entered the field, but now I want to create an official android and IOS application and have it published in the application store. Since many people spend most of their day on their mobile device, I want to let people also be able to have access to QA helpful content as well on it.

100+ Videos, Articles, and TikToks

I can’t control how many people are going to view my content, but I can control how much content I want to put out this year. I want to put out at least 100 Youtube videos, Medium articles, and TikTok videos. The more content I put out the easier it will be for people to find my content.



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