The Different Ways To Learn Software QA Testing To Get A Job

The Test Lead
4 min readFeb 20, 2023

Everyone wants to learn QA testing for their own personal reasons whether it’s for the paycheck, they want a career change, or they just like to break things. Whatever your reason is, is up to you. But once you decide you want to enter the QA world you must decide how you will learn the required information to get a job.

There are 3 realistic routes that you can take to learn the information

  • University/College
  • Self Taught
  • Bootcamps


This is the most traditional route of learning anything in the tech space. Get a 2–4 year degree at a college or university and use your diploma as your entryway into the job market. If you want to go the automation testing route, college might be a good option for you because you can get the fundamentals of coding and programming down. Although this requires the largest learning commitment, having the degree on your resume can potentially help you get more interviews faster. You should take advantage of the networking aspect of Universities with your classmates. Everyone there is trying to get a job, so if one of them lands a job before you, they may be able to help you land a job at that company as well. Also, look for alumni of your school on LinkedIn and…



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