The Different Types of QA Testers

The Test Lead
4 min readMar 27, 2023

Being a QA tester is actually a vague title. In this article we will dive deeper into the different types of software testers. Some roles have overlap, so your current role may incorporate more than 1 type of tester duties.

This article will cover these types of testers

  • Manual testers
  • Automation testers/SDET
  • Performance testers
  • Security testers
  • User acceptance testers
  • Mobile testers
  • Game testers
  • API testers
  • Compatibility testers
  • Installation testers
  • Usability testers
  • Cross-functional testers

Manual testers

Manual testers are individuals who perform testing activities manually without the use of any automation tool or script. They follow a step-by-step approach to test an application’s functionality, usability, and other aspects to identify any defects. Manual testers can also perform exploratory testing, which involves a more free-form approach to testing an application, looking for unexpected bugs or issues.

Automation testers/SDET(Software Developer Engineer in Test)



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