QA Testing Bootcamps VS Self Taught Vs College(University)

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6 min readMar 4, 2022

No matter where you are in your life, you may be wondering how to enter the QA testing or automation field. This could be your first career or a career switch for you. But, you don’t know what path might be best for you to start in this field. Realistically you have 3 different options.

This article will discuss the pros and cons of:

  • Going to a college(university)
  • Going to a Bootcamp
  • Being Self Taught

I have a college degree, a consultant firm that I previously worked for had a “Bootcamp” to teach us the basics of testing before we were sent to any clients, and because this is an ever-changing field I am constantly teaching myself about the new best practices and technology. Because I have been through all 3 on my career path, so we will also talk about who each path might be best for.

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Going to a college(university)

Going to a college is the more traditional route for anything related to QA or tech so we will start here first. Usually, people will get a 4-year degree in computer science or business before going into the testing field.

Costs: $10k-$200k+


  • Learn a fundamental understanding of coding which is required for becoming an automation tester.
  • Having a degree is required by most traditional jobs.
  • Network with other students.


  • Usually takes 4 years to complete.
  • Few universities have targeted courses for QA/testing, so you may have to take relevant courses after.
  • Many universities if they do offer courses, they are outdated.
  • Very costly tuition and usually students have to take out loans that take long to pay back(Try to stay in-state for school to save money when can).

Who this may be best for?

This might be best for young students who planned on going to college anyway. A…

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