QA Must Know Terminology A-D

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3 min readAug 5, 2022

In the QA field there exist large amounts of terminology and buzzwords that you must know and understand in the industry. This first part will identify the words from A-D. Study them, learn them, and try to understand them when they are being used in your work environment. These are meant to give you a high-level understanding of the word. A simple good search can give you a deeper dive.


AB testing- comparing 2 or more (A, B), different interface options, and then deciding the best option for a user.

Acceptance testing- part of the testing cycle where an end user of the software confirms that it is working as expected.

Ad hoc testing- random testing that tries to break an application. Often also referred to as “monkey testing”.

Agile testing- testing with the concept of high product quality, which entails continuous interactions with developers, testers, managers, and stakeholders.

API- stands for application programming interface, and is a way of 2 or more applications to communicate with each other.

Assertion- part of functional testing, used in automation tests to confirm a behavior in a test.

Automation testing- a form of testing that involves a computer carrying out a test instead of a human person. Usually 2 different types, UI and API testing.

Autonomous testing-automation test system that can run without human help.


Back End testing- testing where the server side or database is being checked.

Beta testing- last part of testing, and includes a product top a beta test site with the hope of detecting bugs before releasing to production.

BDD(Behavior Driven Development)- focuses on how the software behaves and meets the needs of an end-user

Black box testing-the tester has no access to the source code but understands how the application is supposed to behave and looks at the application from the outside.

Browser Testing- any web-based testing that is done in a browser.

Browser Compatibility testing- assuring that a web application is consistent in its look and functionality in different…

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