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What Is Manual Testing

Before you use any item, whether it’s a car, phone, or pen, it must be developed and tested for quality before you receive it as a customer. Software is the same way. Software must be developed and tested to ensure it meets the companies standards and customer’s expectations. Having a higher quality software or product leads to more happy customers. Happy customers are paying customers.

Every company needs at least 1 manual QA software tester. Manual testing refers to the process of evaluating software applications or systems by human testers, without the aid of automated testing tools or scripts. It involves manually creating and executing test cases, observing and verifying the system’s behavior, and comparing the actual results with the expected outcomes.

Manual testing is typically performed by skilled testers who follow predefined test cases, test plans, or test scripts to uncover defects, identify issues, and assess the overall quality of the software. During manual testing, testers interact with the software as end-users would, exploring different features, functionalities, and user interfaces to validate its behavior and performance.

Manual QA Software Testing Academy

The manual QA Software Testing Academy is a self paced course that allows you a structured way to learn the skillset needed to get a job in the QA manual testing industry.

What Is Covered

  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Software Testing Life Cycle
  • Bugs & Defects
  • Test Plans & Test Cases
  • Front End Testing
  • Back End Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • SQL
  • Gaining Experience
  • Interview Preparation
  • Building a QA portfolio

What Makes This Course Special

With this course you pay once but keep access to the course material for the rest of life. This may seem normal, but this course is updated continuously which makes sure that it stays up to date with the current industry needs and caters to its users.

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