Introduction To Data Driven Testing(DDT)

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3 min readSep 4, 2023

In the world of software testing, ensuring the reliability and functionality of applications across diverse scenarios is of paramount importance. One powerful technique that aids in achieving this goal is Data-Driven Testing. This approach empowers testers to execute the same test with multiple sets of input data, thereby uncovering potential issues under various conditions. In this article, we’ll delve into the concept of Data-Driven Testing, illustrating how it works and its benefits, all in simple terms.

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What is Data-Driven Testing?

At its core, Data-Driven Testing is an approach that enables testers to create a single test script and execute it using multiple sets of input data. This methodological framework can be likened to a chef using different ingredients to cook the same recipe, thereby producing multiple variations of a dish. Similarly, in the realm of software testing, this technique allows us to observe how the application behaves when subjected to different data inputs.

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How Does Data-Driven Testing Work?

Imagine you’re testing a login feature for a web application. Traditionally, you would write a test script to validate whether a user can successfully log in using valid credentials. However, with Data-Driven Testing, you can expand this scenario by incorporating various combinations of usernames and passwords. This means that you write a single test script that loops through a list of inputs, attempting to log in with each set of credentials.

For instance, if you had a list of usernames and passwords like:

Username: user1, Password: pass123
Username: user2, Password: securepwd
Username: tester, Password: testing123
Your test script would run the same login process using each of these sets of data, helping you identify any inconsistencies or errors that might occur under different scenarios.



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