Functional Testing 2022-All the different types of functional testing

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5 min readJan 30, 2022
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So here is the situation, you are part of a testing team and they want to put you in charge of functional testing. You have a high-level understanding of some functional testing but know there is a lot more you can learn so you can get full functional test coverage. Remember the earlier a bug is found, the less costly it will be to fix and easier it will be to isolate the cause! For all types of testing, the desired outcome should be identified and checked agaisnt when running the test.

This article will cover the following testing:

  • Unit
  • Integration
  • System
  • End to End
  • Regression
  • Sanity
  • Smoke
  • Interface
  • Acceptance
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Unit Testing

Unit testing consists of testing the smallest parts of an application or feature. The purpose of unit testing is to isolate each individual part of written code to make sure it is working as expected. It is important because when you find a bug here, you can easily identify the source of the problem and start working on a solution. Trying to find the source of bugs in later testing practices where other components are involved is more difficult.

A unit test should not have dependencies and should test a function that is written in the code. As you go up the testing pyramid, you will see unit testing at the bottom, because this should include the most amount of tests in comparison to integration and system testing.

Integration Testing

Integration testing consists of testing how the individual units we had in the unit test, interact with each other. Because of our unit tests, we know all the parts of code individually work by themselves, but will they play nice when they interact with other segments of code? This is important because often different modules of the coding solution may have been programmed by different people. So certain interactions 1…



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