Becoming an SDET / QA Automation Test Engineer Road Map Step By Step

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7 min readJan 7, 2022

It’s a new year, new you, and now you want a career change. You hear that coding is the big thing of the future and think you want to be a part of it You see an ad for hiring SDET, Automation QA field. You want to figure out how 1 day you can apply to this job, but where do you start? This article will cover:

  • What do SDET/ QA Automation Engineers do?
  • Education/Coding Requirements
  • Software Testing Concepts
  • TestingTools
  • Getting an SDET/ QA Automation Engineers job
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What do SDET/ QA Automation Engineers do?

When you first hear Automation in the title, you probably think of big robots replacing humans and doing a job formally performed by a human. You are partially right, robots do exist, but they are in the form of your computer. And it isn’t fully replacing humans, but actually making their jobs easier and more efficient.

But who tells these computers what to do and how they will do it? Insert SDET/ Automation Engineers. For the rest of the article, we will just use SDET for ease of reading. SDETs write the code that tells a program what to do. SDET stands for Software Developer Engineer in Test. In saying that you are still a developer, but a developer for the testing team. The tests that you create will use automation and can be simple as automating a call to an API and checking the response to longer end-to-end tests where you are launching a browser and going through an entire flow and then checking a database. These automated tests should be based on the test cases that are premade in the test plan

Why not just manually test everything?

Everything should be initially tested manually to confirm it works. Any test that may be repeated as part of regression should then be automated. Automation allows for faster, more efficient testing compared to manual testing. A manual tester may take 3 minutes to go through a workflow and are subject to distractions and other causes of human error…



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